Squaw Valley Fire Department serves a fourteen-square mile area including Olympic Valley and the Truckee River Corridor between Alpine Meadows Road and Cabin Creek Road (approximately 2.5 miles south of Truckee).  Olympic Valley is home to Squaw Valley USA, site of the 1960 Olympic Games and one of the largest and most popular winter destinations in the world.  We serve about 1500 full time residents and employees, but during winter holiday periods, the population may swell to over 25,000 people.

We currently have a full-time paid staff of 13 people and maintain a minimum staffing of three people, twenty four hours per day, seven days per week.  In addition to the full-time staff, we have part-time paid firefighters who augment staffing during busy periods.

Squaw Valley Fire Department Is Located At 305 Squaw Valley Road

(1/4 mile from the Squaw Valley Road / Highway 89 Intersection)