Important tools
B, I, U: Bold, Italic and Underline tools.

Alignment: Left align, center, right align, or justify text.

Lists: Create a numbered or bulleted list. Select text you would like to be a list, and push the appropriate list button.

Indents: Indent or outdent text.

Undo and Redo: Undo or redo steps in your editing process.

Link Tools: Add a link to text by highlighting text and selecting this tool. To remove a link, highlight link and select the Remove Link tool. Right-click to access link tool settings on an existing link. You have the option to select a link type - Internal Link (which auto-populates with the title from within the website), URL (which is an external URL), or Email (an email address).

Insert/Edit Image: Use this tool to add an image to the copy area. Important: It is best to use a photo editor to size the image to the proper dimensions before uploading using this module. Right-click to access image tool settings on an existing image.

Source: Edit the source code of the Body area. Use only if you have HTML knowledge.

Paste From Word: Allows you to paste content from Word while maintaining its style and formatting.

Important Note: Copying and Pasting
When copying and pasting text from any Microsoft program (Microsoft Word or Outlook, for example), it is best to first paste the text into a text editor like NotePad (on PC) or Text Edit (on Mac). Then, copy the text again from the text editor and paste it into the website’s Body section. This will avoid bringing Microsoft’s legacy code into the code of the website.

Remove Format: Remove formatting from content copied from outside sources.

Styles: Select from various headers here. You must hit return between your header and the copy that follows. After making sure there is a return between header and paragraph, highlight copy that is header and select style from top.

Important Note: Paragraphs and Line Breaks
To create a new paragraph, use your Return or Enter key. This will create extra space in between lines. To create a new line without the extra space, use Shift-Return or Shift-Enter.

This is a new paragraph.
This is a line break within this paragraph.