1. Content > Add Content > Basic Page SVPSD
  2. Copy and paste the contents of the agenda from the Word document to the Body area of the page
  3. Select the entire contents of the Body area and select Heading 2 from the Styles menu in the toolbar
  4. Go through the entire document and replace line breaks with paragraphs. To do this, place your cursor at the beginning of a paragraph, press delete once or twice (depending on the number of spaces in between) to bring the beginning of the paragraph to the end of the previous paragraph, and click return to bring the paragraph back down to its own paragraph. Also, do this for items. For example, under item B, place your cursor before B-1, and following the instructions above for the subitem section.
  5. Select the contents from the beginning of the Body area to just before item A, and select the Center icon in the toolbar.
  6. Select the contents from the beginning of Purpose Statement to the end of the document, and select the Center icon in the toolbar.
  7. Select the contents of each subsection (i.e. B-1 through B-9) and select Increase Indent in the toolbar. For second level subitems (i.e. F-2 A and B), click the Increase Indent tool twice to increase the indent one level further.
  8. To add links to items, do the following:
    1. Highlight the item you wish to link
    2. Click the Link tool in the toolbar
    3. Change Link Type to URL, click Browse Server
    4. Click Upload on the upper-left of the popup, upload the file from your computer, press Upload
    5. Double-click the file from the File list to the right. You may sort this list by date, so the most recently uploaded items appear at the top of the list.
    6. Back in the Link popup, click the Target tab, select New Window. Click OK.
    7. Repeat for all linked items on the Agenda page.
  9. Save the page.
  10. Copy the URL of the new page
  11. Go to Structure > Menus >Main Menu
    1. Click Add Link
    2. For the Menu Link Title, input the title of the page (for example Board Agenda-Aug 2015)
    3. For the Path, paste the path you copied from the page in this field
    4. For the Parent Link, select About Us > Board
    5. Save
  12. Back in the Main Menu list, click and drag the Agenda item you input to the top of the Board Agenda list under Board, so it will appear first in the navigation.