To add a basic page to the SVFD section of the website, choose Basic Page - SVFD from the Add content menu. Fill in the corresponding fields.

This is the title of the page.

This is the body content of the page.
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Menu Settings
To add a page to the Fire Department Menu, first check the box toward the bottom of the page labeled Provide a menu link. If you wish for the page to appear on the main level of the menu, leave Parent Item drop down to read  “<fire department menu>.” If you would like for the page to be nested under an existing navigation option, select that Item in this drop down menu.
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Page Title Settings
The Page title is the text that appears at the top of the browser window. This text is a powerful place to include key words for search engine optimization. By default the title tag is populated by the Title field; however, you may override this with Page Title Settings.

Save your work, and it will appear on the page. To cancel any work you have done in the edit screen, navigate away from the edit page to anywhere else on the site without hitting the Save button.