Phone (530) 583-4692




                                  Mike Geary, General Manager                                          

                                  Kathy Obayashi-Bartsch, Board Secretary                       

                                  Tom Campbell, Finance & Administration Manager             

                                  Julie Dickman, Account Clerk II/Human Resources Specialist    

                                  Cindy Herbert, Office Manager   



                                           Utility Operations

                                  Jesse McGraw, Operations Manager                             

                                  Blaine Wells,  Operations Specialist III                           

                                  John O'Neal, Operations Technology Specialist/Inspector  

                                  Brandon Burks, Operations Specialist III                         

                                  Jason McGathey, Operations Specialist I                         

                                  Schel Roland, Operations Specialist I                              

                                  Josh Wilson, Operations Specialist II                     



                                                Fire Department 

                                 Peter Bansen, Chief                                                        

                                 Jim Binks, Captain                                                         

                                 Brad Chisholm, Captain 

                                 Chris Dedeo, Engineer                                                    

                                 Jeff Geigle,  Firefighter-Paramedic 

                                 Kurt Gooding, Firefighter-Paramedic                                   

                                 Sal Monforte, Captain                                                   

                                 Allen Riley, Engineer                                                      

                                 John Rogers, Firefighter-Paramedic                             

                                 Josh Rytter, Firefighter-Paramedic                                 

                                 Michael Sacci, Firefighter-Paramedic

                                 Travis Smith, Firefighter-Paramedic                               

                                 Hans Walde, Engineer-Paramedic                               

                                 Nicholas Bliss, Part-time Firefighter

                                 Andrew Crisp, Part-time Firefighter

                                 Dustin Gwerder, Part-time Firefighter

                                 Will Marshman, Part-time Firefighter-Paramedic                               

                                        General Fire Department Mail


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